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5 strategies to create better content

Create content that represents you

What are we talking about when we refer to content creation? This idea seems increasingly broad, encompassing, among other things, the world of marketing and communication and touching various mediums and formats. 

Videos, blog articles, images, logos, banners, landing pages, conversion funnels… Each little detail presented to a web audience can be considered as content influencing your traffic, whether it’s your target audience or existing customers. 

Thus, content creation refers to creating various content to draw and retain a target’s attention. 

Whether it’s your website, social media, or through SEO tactics, content creation is a marketing strategy in itself that allows you to increase your reach and establish a lasting connection with your potential or existing customers. 

It’s also a crucial part of your conversion funnel – another key concept in an effective web marketing strategy!

Here are 5 tips for developing a better content creation approach. 

#1: Fit trends to your brand image

In 2022, finding a balance between standing out and following trends can be tricky. However, for a content creation strategy that allows plenty of space for social media, following trends is critical to reaching your target audience. 

Whether it’s a song about corn, a short audio clip with a funny line, a memorable pop culture event, or the increasing popularity of short video formats such as Reels or Tiktok videos, current trends can’t be ignored. 

Your instinct may be to turn your back to these little prefabricated pieces of content that are, at times, already too present on your feed. 

But in 2022, trends are the key to surviving and standing out on social media. Find pleasure (it’s the secret!) in adapting these trends to your unique brand image. Herein lies the perfect combination between originality and mass appeal

Give a song or an audio a spin that only your brand, product, or service could bring. Don’t underestimate the power of trends across social media. 

Right now, platforms such as Instagram and TikTok shine a light on video content, for example. Ride this wave to propel your brand forward!

P.S Not too sure how to go about identifying which trends to explore? Tip #4 could help you out!

#2: Remain flexible in your editorial schedule

More than ever, it’s crucial to maintain flexibility and speed of adaptation in your content creation strategy. Trends move fast on the web – we barely see them go by! 

Your creation process should be quick and (somewhat) without any pitfalls. If your web content has to be seen by too many eyes before it’s approved and published, it might already be too late by the time it reaches your target audience. 

Trust your creative resources – they know how to make high-quality web content. Equip them with the right creative tools, a clear content strategy, and an easy-to-follow creative process, and let them take over!

Acting fast and being able to create social media content in the blink of an eye is a strength that’ll give you the advantage over your competitors. If you fall behind, you might see your competition soar ahead before you have time to register what’s going on. 

Remove as many pitfalls as possible to foster quick, effective content creation. 

Obviously, we’re talking at length about social media. For various other types of content, such as SEO content, meta descriptions, landing pages, or advertisement creatives, it’s entirely possible to slow down the process and invest more time and effort into it.    

#3: Invest in simple, authentic visuals

Simplicity and authenticity reign in 2022. More “natural” and amateur videos, focusing less on appearing professional, calculated and polished, are all the rage!

Candid images of your team or creative process, behind-the-scenes glimpses, or a more human approach to your offer can be the defining touch that makes all the difference in more popular content. 

More than ever, audiences want to see honesty and a more authentic side from their favorite brand. Invest your time and energy in developing unique, catchy concepts rather than acquiring tools of the latest technology. Across social media platforms, transparency and human connection are on top!

More professional and polished visuals are, of course, a great asset for your web page or landing page. The key to creating compelling content? Adapting to each different platform to offer your audience bites of their favorite kinds of content. 

#4: Keep a constant eye on your competition

Whether it’s creative tools, content formats, or new topics, your competition is a goldmine to help you discover what works and doesn’t across various channels. 

Take some time each day to explore what your competitors have posted on their social media, website, or blog. Note the topics you find interesting or that generate engagement with your target audience. 

Certain platforms, such as LinkedIn, even allow you to get a glimpse at your competitors’ statistics! Don’t neglect the worth of this information, especially if you’re in the process of elaborating on a new content creation strategy. 

Note the elements that inspire you and explore how they could translate through your own brand image. Keep an eye out for current topics, news, and trends in your industry. 

The key? Observe, observe, observe!

#5: Adapt your content to real-time results

Your audience loves talking to you and sharing opinions – listen to them! 

Numerous tools can help you analyze results and draw valuable conclusions. 

The Google suite and Google Analytics tools are obviously a great jumping-off point for analyzing web pages as well as the conversion funnel your audience goes through. 

Each social media platform also offers insights and statistics to help you understand how well your posts perform.  

These statistics are windows into your audience’s world. They indicate what your traffic enjoys, how they engage with your content, and what reach this contact gathers. 

Checking out these statistics regularly will therefore allow you to adapt your content creation to your audience’s real needs and preferences. This is what will enable you to eliminate the guesswork from your creative process! 

Creating surveys within your blog, newsletters, or social media can also help you collect feedback from your users and customers. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask!

Are you ready to create the best content of the year?

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