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The training tool revolutionizing online learning

Crakmedia’s eLearning journey to better training, easier onboarding, and more effective skill tracking

Over the past two years, Crakmedia saw rapid growth that led to the hiring of 146 new resources. This accelerated expansion was an added challenge to the rapidly-changing standards of the digital and performance marketing industry. Since its many branches and components can be difficult to navigate, it was crucial for us to ensure that each team member had a global understanding of our company’s operations. 

Our biggest hurdle to conquer? We are continuously improving on and implementing new technologies that aren’t taught in schools yet. This creates the need to invest in customized training tools to equip our teams with the best possible skills and knowledge. 

We, therefore, constantly strive to innovate to offer internal, direct training from our own learning platform. Over the last year, this goal went hand in hand with our mission to optimize skill transfer and accompany individuals in knowledge development to allow them to be the best version of themselves.  

Here’s what we decided to do about it.

eLearning: The ideal option for our team

Faced with these challenges, we needed to explore a more effective training and onboarding tool for our team. After hiring a new head of training to focus more time and effort on better equipping our staff, we decided to transition to a digital training strategy for our employee training requirements. 

Searching for the right LMS (learning management system) solution lead us to discover SAP Litmos. This tool allowed us to create simple, straightforward, accessible training and learning paths no matter where our resources were in the world. 

Shifting the way we shared knowledge to a digital format allowed us to implement a digital approach while limiting skill-sharing requirements and operational impact. We identified four needs that needed to be addressed to keep up with learner expectations: Flexibility, Collaboration, Personalization, and Continuous Improvement. 

For us, an eLearning solution was the most effective way to properly incorporate these needs into our learning program.

Developing a new training program

With solid and attainable goals set in place, the next step was to implement a customized eLearning platform to support unique, evolving needs. This included connecting with a solid business partner that could work with us on a long-term basis. Some of the features that were essential in our training program included:

  • Creating a functional LMS within a reasonable budget, allowing us to fulfill current and future learning management needs. 
  • Having the ability to create learning paths, knowledge assessment tests, and learning path gamification options. 
  • Creating better, more accessible, standardized training content.
  • Implementing a program that is easy to use both as an administrator and a user.

Reaping the benefits

In short, SAP Litmos ensured uniformity among learning paths and various training for the whole team. With this platform, we can now provide a stronger structure for our new employees during the course of their integration, as well as offer existing staff the necessary training tools to help them better manage their teams. 

This integration also allowed us to solidify skill development at the core of our operations and let employees develop both soft and hard skills with the SAP Litmos Library. 

The deployment of SAP Litmos also allowed us to adopt new learning methods sought by learners. We gained the ability to customize content, access an impressive library of soft skills training, use customizable themes and reports with numerous metrics, and enjoy “Content Author” features for content creation and gamification. 

The SAP Litmos tool made it possible to standardize, structure, and preserve our knowledge memory. It also allowed us to foster new business opportunities through user accessibility worldwide. Learning methods such as eLearning or blended learning have allowed us to optimize our experts’ time. For example, we were able to divide the notions between in-person training and eLearning, allowing us to create optimal mentoring sessions between experts and learners.

“We know how fast technologies are progressing and the adjustments these changes imply for companies like ours. To sustain and accelerate our growth, it was crucial for us to equip our team with a quality Learning Management System (LMS) that could offer innovative solutions. It was so simple to integrate and create training for our teams with specific themes or content related to our business units. Working with the right tools and a smart training strategy allowed us to quickly increase our team’s skill and knowledge level,” told us Olivier Casaubon Bouchard, Chief of Operations at Crakmedia. 

In the end, eLearning allowed us to create and foster new business opportunities thanks to the accessibility and flexible structure of eLearning. With content available to users anywhere in the world and in any time zone, it was the right option for an organization growing its team across numerous continents. 

This is only the beginning, and we’re excited to find out where eLearning and online training will take our team.


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