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How to interview an employer

Approaching the interview process from a new perspective

In this era of change, growth, and adaptation, the world of job interviews, job searches, and career upheavals can seem more unstable than ever. 

For a potential candidate, it’s hard to know what to pay attention to. Job offers are abundant, each more interesting than the other. The competition is often fierce, and an interview can be a daunting challenge, no matter a candidate’s experience, skills, or motivation. 

You might’ve identified the right position, submitted your application, and felt like the perfect candidate. Now you want to get ready for the perfect hiring interview. 

Even though perfection is hard to achieve, we suggest exploring an approach that’s gained popularity in 2022: turning the tables and interviewing the employer instead!

Find your dream employer

In 2022, McDonald’s Canada launched a hiring campaign titled “Interview us.” It includes short humorous videos in which potential candidates ask hiring questions to the company’s employees. 

Other brands and businesses also adopted a similar strategy to implement a new approach to the hiring and interview process: giving power back to the candidates and allowing them to truly find their dream employer. 

For a candidate, this highlights a very important part of the job search process: making sure to find an employer that fits your needs, expectations, and ambitions. Asking questions is the best way to get the right information and pick the best offer possible! 

You’ve suffered through your cover letter, put your best qualities forward, you’ve sold yourself for a job that seems perfect… Now, let the employer do the same!

Keep in mind that a company needs you just as much, if not more than you need it. It’s true! They have a position to fill, and you have skills, strengths, and qualities to offer. 

Once an employer or recruiter has completed their part of the interview, the floor is yours. Use this opportunity to get the answer that might sway you one way or the other in your final decision. Let the employer introduce their profile, just as you introduced your own. 

Here are some questions you should keep in mind when comes your turn to speak.

Which questions to ask your potential employer

The questions you can ask a recruiter or potential employer can be organized into five big categories: the specific position you’re coveting, the team, your future boss, the company itself, and the company culture. 

Certain websites offer over 38 questions to ask during an interview. Others suggest up to 57

The reality is that you probably won’t have time to ask all these questions! We encourage you to explore these suggestions and find out which of them best suit your needs and interests. 

In the meantime, here are seven questions that the Crakmedia team considers the most important to ask during a job interview.

1. Can you tell me a little about your…

For your own interest as well as your potential employer’s, don’t hesitate to ask a specific question about the company, whether it’s about an event organized in the past, an award won by the team or the company’s history. 

A recruiter or potential manager will love to see you’ve done your research. It shows a genuine interest in the company and allows you to learn more about an aspect of the organization that you find interesting. 

Browser their website and social media and discover which of their accomplishments piques your interest the most.

2. What kind of culture do you have to offer?

Beyond employee perks, salary, and collective insurance, what kind of company culture does the organization have to offer its staff? 

Don’t hesitate to inquire about the office atmosphere, both literally and figuratively. With the increasing popularity of hybrid and remote work, the atmosphere applies beyond the confines of an actual office building. 

Inform yourself about social activities and the extra perks they offer to support both your career and your daily well-being.

3. Where could this position lead me?

If your career matters to you, the path you could take within a company is just as important in your decision-making process. From your first day working at a new company, you may question yourself about the growth opportunities related to your position.

Inquiring about career evolution opportunities from the get-go can save you some time, and the employer, too! Do they offer training to sustain your development? Do they show openness and flexibility regarding your responsibilities?

This question shows your motivation and long-term interest in the organization. Everybody wins!

4. What are your short, medium, and long-term goals?

You deserve to know in which direction an organization or department is heading. Don’t hesitate to inform yourself about a team’s goals and vision before diving into a new commitment. 

After all, you have your own goals and targets, and making sure those are aligned with your potential employer’s is crucial to your well-being and success.

5. Have you thought about doing…

You’ve done your research and have collected information on the company and the business units affected by your potential position. You might even have some improvement ideas that could be implemented within the organization! 

Don’t hesitate to share your suggestions with the employer during the interview process. This will show your passion and interest in the industry, establish your profile as a creative expert within your field, and render you essentially essential to their future success! 

We’re pushing it a little, but still, this is an excellent strategy to showcase your skills while gauging the employer’s openmindedness regarding your ideas. 

This approach gives you the chance to assess whether your ideas are compatible with the company’s style, which again could save you a lot of time!

6. Why are you part of the team?

What pushes a company’s team members to remain at the same organization for a long time? What do they love about their job? Why are they still there after 5, 10, or even 15 years? Why do they believe in their employer? 

Don’t hesitate to adapt this question depending on who is attending your interview. Take into consideration who you’re talking to. A recruiter? An HR representative? A director or manager? 

The objective is simply to identify what drives employees to remain in their position and if those reasons are aligned with your needs and aspirations.

7. What is THE thing you’re looking for in an ideal candidate?

What is this position’s must-have? The key element that would make you the ideal candidate? You can ask! 

It’s possible you might not have had the chance to communicate THE reason why you’re the perfect fit through your answers. Asking this question allows you to ensure that the employer clearly knows what they want, that you’ve properly communicated your skills, and that all parties are on the same page. 

When in doubt, ask!

Obviously, each moment is unique in an interview, and you have the freedom to adjust your questions in consequence. Pay attention and approach the experience as a conversation between two equals. And don’t forget: you deserve a job you love and feel passionate about, and this interview is a chance for you to explore the opportunities available to you! 

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