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5 reasons to keep your job as long as possible

Here’s why staying in place could be the most beneficial decision for you

While job offers are overflowing in 2022, exploring what is offered elsewhere on the job market can be tempting. We tell ourselves we might find a better offer, negotiate something more interesting, or change for the fun of trying something different. Social media is bubbling with posts introducing open positions on a silver platter or selling the virtues of job-hopping.  

The temptation to explore other options is definitely there, whether it’s to change things up, negotiate better conditions, or climb the ranks faster. 

Even though the grass may seem greener elsewhere, the reality is often different than expected. Here are 5 reasons – and 5 pros – why you should keep your job as long as possible. Assuming, of course, that it makes you at least somewhat happy!

1. Create the perfect position for you

One of the most significant professional advantages of evolving within the same organization instead of jumping from one job to the next is the possibility to create, over time, your dream job. 

By developing lasting relationships with your managers and colleagues, you allow yourself the chance to open a trusting line of communication and get the opportunity to express yourself freely regarding your professional preferences. The tasks you prefer, the responsibilities you’d like to push further, the ambitions that fuel you! 

Over time, you’ll get the chance to discover what you like the most and the least in your position, allowing you to mold your job to your taste or to explore completely different venues within your organization! 

Starting a new position may pique your interest, but a promising job description may be very different from the reality of a new company. Consider instead exploring the possibilities available to you right at the tip of your fingers!

2. Enjoy superior perks and conditions

It’s a surprise to no one: keeping your job and evolving within the same organization allows you to enjoy perks above a new employee’s average package. Don’t hesitate to discuss the scales available to you with your managers or share your social advantages expectations with your HR representative. 

Gaining seniority is often equivalent to gaining a sense of comfort and trust toward your colleagues! That’s what makes it easier to express your expectations to your employer and even to have a tangible impact on the perks offered by your organization.

3. Evolve within a healthy work environment

Switching jobs comes with its share of risks, one being that you might get stuck in an unhealthy environment, whether professionally or mentally. In 2022, evolving within a healthy work environment is a prerequisite for many. 

If you’re lucky enough to have an employer who’s ready to lend an ear to your needs, it can weigh in heavily when comes the time to consider your professional future. Consider also how willing your company is to improve – the key isn’t to aim for perfection but to be motivated to improve and offer the best possible! 

Before diving into the unknown, consider the pros of prioritizing a healthy work environment and culture. It’s sometimes more important to invest in your mental wellbeing than to choose superficial perks to the detriment of your happiness.

4. Solidify your voice and power of influence

Gaining seniority has more than one advantage. One of them is notably that you can build a professional reputation that will propel you to the top of your career ambitions.  

Starting a job within a new organization comes with its share of difficulties, some of the biggest of them being learning the cogs of a new market, how new tools work, how this new company functions, etc. It’s harder for your expertise to shine in this strange, brand-new environment. 

Herein lies the advantage of investing in a job in the long term: while the unknown dissipates, your influence and confidence grow, allowing you to exponentially impact your organization. Are you overflowing with ambition? Invest your energy into sharing your expertise rather than in learning new operation methods!

5. Maintain lasting connections

For many, in 2022, a career is synonymous with lasting connections beyond the work environment. We preconize pleasant social environments and strong bonds with our colleagues. In short, we want to be surrounded by people just like us and with whom we connect beyond the confines of the office! 

That’s why a welcoming, pleasant team is worth its weight in gold in one’s job. More than ever, we want to invest in lasting friendships. The goal? To have fun at work rather than to watch the time pass while waiting for the weekend!

That’s another advantage of keeping your job as long as possible: building relationships and friendships that last beyond the colleague title. Herein lies the true wealth of a good organization: the people we meet there!

What is YOUR reason to stick around as long as possible?

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