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The best HR practices of 2022

5 of our best resource management strategies that make a difference in 2022

The Crakmedia team has recently been nominated at the 2022 FIDEIDES in the “Best HR Practices” category, a nomination more than well-deserved for our human resources team. 

Following this announcement, we asked ourselves: which practices are we putting forward in 2022 to stand out as an employer?

Here are 5 strategies our HR experts have put in place to ensure our employees’ happiness, fulfillment, and professional stimulation. 

Work conditions above the current market average

The topic is still sometimes kept hush-hush, but it remains impossible to ignore: now more than ever, offering working conditions above market average, notably in terms of salary, is a crucial element in resource hiring and retention. 

Little extras like performance bonuses, work-family balance, and hybrid schedule flexibility offer the possibility for our employees to shape their careers to their unique needs. 

These times are challenging for many, so a full coverage insurance plan can make all the difference in the daily life of our team members. Adding dental and vision coverage, for example, allowed us to lighten the load resting on some of our resources’ shoulders. 

More than ever, the well-being of our employees is at the heart of our values, and this prioritization begins with a constant quest to offer the best. 

Empathetic, human managers

Obvious? Not for everyone!

Our managers are one of our biggest investments at Crakmedia. We constantly aim to offer various training to help them bring out the best in each of their team members. 

Investing in new resources is important, but without effective management, they won’t be able to grow and evolve to their full potential within an organization. This is why we strive to equip our managers and team leaders with informative content and various training materials, notably regarding work organization, task prioritization, and team management. 

A manager is a resource who deserves to be supported in their development as much as any of their team members! Don’t neglect their evolution and support within a company. 

If you’re a manager yourself, do you feel sufficiently equipped to help your team progress in the right direction?

Recognition for all

It can seem easy to advocate for recognition and positive feedback, but do you truly apply these practices on a daily basis?

To keep recognition from falling into oblivion, communication channels such as our #WallOfFam allow us to shine a spotlight on our resources! This recognition may come from peers or managers and allows everyone to stay aware of their colleagues’ accomplishments. Whether it’s a project, a good idea, or a unique initiative, every reason is valid to recognize a team’s amazing work. 

“Good vibes” shared on OfficeVibe, our bi-monthly survey platform, also offer a chance for our employees to share a compliment or positive comment to the team member of their choice. It’s so easy to add a little sunshine to our colleagues’ day!  

A real concern for our work environment

Encouraging a return to office work is one thing, but applying real efforts to create an inviting work environment is another. 

Over the past few months, Crakmedia has invested in its work environment by extending and renovating the workspace available on its floor. Adapted work areas and new offices will soon welcome its fast-growing team. 

But decisions can’t come from one single place: to ensure real employee satisfaction, we collect regular feedback from our surveys in order to implement the changes necessary for our team’s happiness. 

Whether it’s drink and snack selection or the appreciation shown by their manager or team leader, every opinion is encouraged and welcome, especially when everyone is free to remain anonymous!

An investment that pays off

In our opinion, the best investment an organization can make is in its employees. That’s why we offer a free, complete training tool to our team in order to support their knowledge acquisition and development, whether personal or professional. 

Our training management platform contains various learning paths, specialized content, and live training sessions so that our resources feel spoiled when it comes to picking how they want to learn more about our industry and tools! 

Whether it’s training on Google Analytics functionalities or on task management and organization, we strive to offer a variety of learning content to our team. We also regularly add new training on various topics in order to foster continuous development. We can also learn more!

Equipping our resources with the knowledge they want to gain fosters actual change, both for the organization and for their personal satisfaction. 

What are YOUR favorite HR strategies and practices?

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