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5 ways to monetize your traffic in 2022

How to get the most out of your online presence

Whether you’re interested in influencer marketing, building a successful blog, or filling a few gaps on your website, your internet traffic holds a rich potential that could fill your pockets with a few extra bucks. In 2022, your digital presence is often accompanied by a few user visits, a few followers, and a few clicks.

If your goal is to monetize your blog or website, or if you’re considering the option but remain hesitant, you might be wondering how many visitors or clicks are necessary to make a minimum of profit from your traffic. 

Unfortunately (or fortunately), there isn’t a right or wrong answer to this question. Technically, you could monetize your platform the second you get your first user visit! It all depends on your monetization model, your strategy, and the space you want to allot to ads, advertisers, or paid content. 

Certain approaches are simpler than others. Some work for a specific platform or media only. In this article, you’ll discover 5 ways to draw revenue from your traffic in 2022 depending on your available tools, favourite platforms, and resources within your reach. 

Ready to discover what possibilities the world wide web holds?

1. Recommend affiliate products or services

Are you familiar with the concept of affiliation? If your favorite influencer or blogger ever provided you with a link to a product, website, or service, you’ve probably used an online affiliate link before. 

Simply put, an affiliation link allows an affiliate to recommend a product or service to its audience by giving out a URL equipped with a unique ID associated with their affiliate account. Thanks to this ID, the advertiser selling the product or service knows exactly who recommended their brand to their traffic, which allows them to pay a certain percentage or amount of money from sales to the affiliate. 

From an affiliate point of view, it’s also very simple. An affiliate network presents you with a list of offers, including various products and services, which you can promote on your platform. You can select the one that best suits your traffic and generate an affiliate link that can then be associated with a website banner or offered to your traffic through a blog article, for example. 

These advertisement links can be integrated on various websites or advertisement spaces and can provide additional income with minimal effort! The possibilities are vast and diverse. There are nearly endless affiliation possibilities out there – all you have to do is pick your favorite network and go through their catalog! You can make money from your online content, no matter which channel you choose to connect with your internet audience.

2. Create a sponsored post

If you’re an expert (or aspiring expert) in social media or blog platforms, connecting with your favourite brands to create sponsored content could be an excellent strategy to monetize your traffic. 

Essentially, you recommend products, services, or offers to your followers in a post created in collaboration with a brand of your choice. It can be a blog article or a permanent publication on a platform like Instagram or Facebook, for example. 

The post is created following brand guidelines, and you receive a payment in exchange for your content! Everybody wins, especially if you pick a product or service you truly believe in. Remember: your traffic trusts you and your judgment! Don’t betray them!

3. Sell ad space on your platform

Selling advertisement space on a web page has been common practice for many years now, and this strategy has proved its worth. Tools such as Google AdSense can allow you to make money easily by monetizing your web page and the users that visit your site. 

Sellin ad space allows you to enjoy additional revenue without much effort! 

This approach works on a cost-per-click model, meaning that you perceive a bit of money each time a user clicks on an ad displayed on your web page. 

The affiliation platforms mentioned previously offer a similar service! Many of them provide ad creation tools that generate the necessary lines of code for you to add advertisements to your website in banner form. 

Pick the offer you prefer, generate the code, and integrate it into your internet page! Your traffic is itching to click on the next banner that catches their eye.

4. Monetize your expertise

If you’re not the ad type or you prefer to avoid mentioning other brands on your platforms, don’t lose hope! 

It’s entirely possible to monetize your traffic while continuing to prioritize your own content. Are you an expert within your niche? Consider creating a product that will allow you to make a few dollars from your content. 

We’re not talking about coming up with a whole new invention – although you may if you feel like it – but rather thinking about the expertise you have to share and in which format you could offer it to your audience. 

Do you write gardening blog posts? Consider creating a simple online course for beginners. 

Are you a fan of watercolours? Why not sell your creations, or offer a few monetized lessons on basic techniques?

Are you into travel photography? Your expertise in photography can be helpful, or even the knowledge you’ve acquired about the places you’ve visited! 

The point is that it’s often possible to compile knowledge in a lesson, a course, or an educative file that you can then share with your followers for a fee. The price can be low, but don’t underestimate the value of your skills! 

In the digital era, it’s easier than ever to monetize your expertise. A PDF file can take you far!

5. Create exclusive premium content

Another strategy to get the most out of your digital content is setting aside part of it for exclusive subscribers only. This allows you to continue widening your reach with free content while offering a little extra to those who wish to access your exclusive content. 

Some platforms, such as Patreon, were created specifically to help you provide your audience with a paid subscription that allows them to access various advantages, rewards, and more. 

This is an excellent strategy to create follower loyalty and push your brand further without exclusively limiting yourself to a paid subscription model. Subscribing remains completely voluntary and allows you to make a profit from your most interested and passionate followers!

Have you found your dream traffic monetization strategy? Don’t forget to establish solid SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices, offer users the best online experience possible, and bonify your content to its fullest potential before diving into website ads, sponsored articles, or premium content. 

This foundation is crucial in helping you make the most revenue from your digital presence!

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