Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence department analyzes thousands of pieces of data every day. Thanks to powerful technologies and artificial intelligence, they are able to extract and understand user behaviors. This allows our marketing teams to make the best decisions to increase sales for our customers.

the heart of the game

The only constant in today’s web reality is change. Our expertise matches current trends because we always stay ahead of the fold. Crakmedia thinks months, and even years ahead, using state-of-the-art tech and surrounding ourselves with the best experts to know what is next. 

Business Intelligence
A browser click, a web page scroll, a button click. Every action on the web generates unimaginable amounts of data. Knowing how to make sense of these actions is the make or break of any internet marketing business. We pride ourselves in analyzing this mish-mash of data so our clients can go on with the business of making their marketing decisions. 

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