The Crakmedia story begins in 2004 with three roommates, who launched a humor website featuring pictures and videos which visitors could rank by voting.

In 2006, with the motivation and vision of traffic monetization, the trio launched a corporate entity called Crakmedia. As the team grew larger, they decided to create their own web marketing company by offering web billboard and banner contracts to advertisers. Their great intuition took off very quickly!

Today, thousands of professionals use Crakmedia’s solutions. We are proud to be one of the most influential marketing networks in the industry worldwide.

Launch of humorous website between 3 roommates

Official launch of Crakmedia Network incorporated

Opening of an office on St. Jean street in Quebec City

Reach $1M in revenue

1 Millionth visitor reached

New office in downtown Quebec

Moved to a new office of 16,000 sq. ft. to accommodate 90 employees

Nicolas Chrétien nominated to Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year; 
 Crakmedia named to the Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50; 
Nicolas Chrétien becomes a major shareholder.

Crakmedia vs. Essociate: Crakmedia wins and successfully eliminates patent troll.

Launch of a new BI platform

Mercuriades Awards: Crakmedia wins Company of the Year.

Tremendous growth with 50+ new employees.

Integrity, Partnership, Innovation, Team spirit and Ambition.

Strong values make all the difference at Crakmedia!

Our ambition to perform is our key to success. The more we accomplish, the happier we are. We love creating innovative ads, exploiting the latest marketing trends, working with groundbreaking technologies, and connecting the right advertisers with the right marketers. We thrive on success, building strong and long-term relationships with our partners and providing a stimulating environment to our talents.

We are more than experts in marketing, technology, and creative content. We are a team. “Work hard, play hard.” is our “raison d’être.”

The little Crak “extras”

  • 1 high-tech cafeteria with all-you-can-eat snacks
  • 2 3.5 meters aquariums housing tropical fauna
  • 3 types of beers on Fridays
  • 4 times more employees and fun in 2021
  • 5 cozy rest areas with sofas, footstools, and coffee machines.

The Best Neighborhood

In addition, we are located in the best area of Quebec City. A nerve center for technology, entrepreneurship, video games, and partying. Our employees love it!