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Why SEO strategies make all the difference
in digital marketing

SEO’s impact on web marketing

What is SEO, really?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), also known as natural referencing or natural ranking, refers to various techniques used to grow and develop web content visibility, either by drawing in qualified users, demonstrating specific expertise, or increasing sales revenue and turnover. It contrasts to SEA (Search Engine Advertising) by involving free, organic strategies, while SEA includes paid approaches.

Simply put, when you carry out a Google search, the results and links shown on the first page are there because they’ve been optimized through SEO referencing techniques. These strategies allow a web page to rank well within competitive results so that more people may find your brand or company.

Nothing is left to chance on the internet, and these digital optimization strategies exist precisely to put this lack of chance to our advantage. SEO is one of the best tools for developing an effective web media strategy within a digital marketing agency. If you want to reach customers and widen your audience, this is the way to go.

However, these various techniques ensuring that specific content gets shown at the top of search engines like Google are complex and constantly changing. New web concepts such as language models, evolving Google guidelines, and new features and functionalities lead to constant updates and require SEO experts to keep a vigilant eye on the web optimization world. It’s not only about picking the right keyword!

Though changing, SEO and natural ranking basics will always remain simple: investing in a technical structure that optimizes website accessibility, creating relevant and efficient content, investing in site legitimacy through theme, and analyzing, analyzing, analyzing! Constant link and content optimization are critical to an effective natural referencing strategy.

How does SEO help digital marketing?

Web marketing refers to the use of “digital channels to sell a product or promote a brand to consumers.” (Journal Du Net)

These digital channels are optimized through various tools such as mobile and email campaigns, keyword purchasing, social media referencing, advertisement placement, media buying… and SEO!

Natural referencing is simply a digital strategy that allows the optimization of a brand or product’s web presence. After all, visibility, as well as traffic and lead generation, are part of any good web marketing campaign’s targets, and those are precisely the same goals that SEO aims to hit. If your link is able to rank high online, your audience grows, and more customers discover your brand or services.

Optimization strategies are at the heart of digital campaign development, from conceptualization to the final implementation. Every content element has the potential to be optimized on search engines in order to get the most out of it. Even the title of a subsection within a website can have a significant impact on your placement on search engines! It’s one of the best free strategies you can use to increase your online presence and create a high-quality customer base.

An observation brought forward recently is that SEO requests that are longer and more precise allow for easier positioning than shorter, more vague requests. Assigning a more precise title to specific pages or subpages is a simple, free, and effective strategy to optimize website content and ensure that said content stands out from competing pages, for example.

In 2022, a brand and company site is at the forefront of the customer experience. A web marketing campaign inevitably leads to a web page on which a company or business aims to convert a user into a buyer. Optimization techniques aim to ensure that people can find this page without drowning in the hundreds of thousands of results available on the web. And that you get paid for your products or services!

Natural referencing and ranking strategies simply aim to ensure that the hard work that marketing experts put into developing the most effective campaign possible doesn’t go to waste. Making sure a simple link gets the visibility it requires can make or break a high-quality campaign!

 What is SEO at Crakmedia?

At Crakmedia, our search engine optimization experts are vital elements throughout the entire digital content creation process. Nothing slips past our content optimization team, whether it’s a blog article, a landing page, content on an online platform, or titles and meta descriptions to fill a web site. We’re traffic generation experts, and not for nothing!

From revising and analyzing content to optimizing organic or direct traffic by way of acquiring and managing links, SEO is involved in every aspect of our clients’ digital marketing strategy.

Our SEO experts and webmasters work continuously on search engine optimization and the management of numerous WordPress pages and platforms.

Each keyword written by our copywriters is carefully analyzed to help create the most relevant content possible (yes, even the words in this blog article!). Even our quality assurance team employs optimizing techniques in their daily workload.

Tools such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Data Studio allow the continuous analysis of an impressive amount of data so that nothing is left up to chance., Ahrefs, and Semrush allow our copywriting and marketing teams to generate the necessary keywords to guide their work.

DotCMS and WordPress are essential for hosting websites, and the Screaming Frog tool is indispensable to carry out SEO audits on a site in order to identify missing components within certain content.

As previously mentioned, the world of SEO, SEA (Search Engine Advertising), and SMO (Social Media Optimization) is continuously evolving and will continue to do so over time. New tools regularly pop up on the market, new constraints push us to reconsider our strategies, and the webmarketing industry requires quick thinking and adaptation.

SEO and digital marketing are closely related, and it seems that this connection promises only to grow stronger in the future. Within our agency, we are impatient to discover what the future of SEO, SEA, and SMO holds for us.

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